What sets
us apart

Local Expertise & Cultural Acumen

While our outlook is global, our roots are local. Our team of consultants with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds have a deep understanding of the business environment of the region. For any role, we are thus able to engage and identify the most qualified, culturally suitable professionals who will not just fulfil requirements but also bring in diverse perspectives to lead businesses forward.

Specialist experience

We thoroughly understand your business, we know the key players, and what each role needs to succeed. By keeping up-to-date with industry innovations, trends and challenges, our consultants represent organizations and brands accurately and passionately.

Flexible solutions

Partly due to our size, as well as our philosophy, we offer solutions that are tailor made to each clients’ needs. Our expertise helps us partner closely with clients and candidates to define and evolve their requirements, resulting in the optimal solution.

Strong network & excellent reputation

We’ve assisted in building many high-performing teams and departments in the region. Our candidates have an average tenure of over 5 years with our clients, and our relationships are our pride and joy.

Our Clients and vast network of candidates have become advocates of our work.

Our consultants have an impressive network of contacts in the Middle East and Africa, extending the reach of organizations to both active and passive candidates who may otherwise be difficult or impossible to source.

Unique deep-dive process

We build a holistic picture of every role, organization, geography and candidate. Every aspect of a candidate’s experience and ambition is studied, along with the objectives of an organization and the surrounding market environment.

Quality, not quantity

We do not emphasize on purely quantitative targets at TRAC – our consultants focus on delivering the right match, instead of chasing number targets for billing, calls and interviews. Quality is a core value that we do not compromise on.

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Management Consulting

We have a successful track record working with top tier consulting firms. Our Management Consulting desk covers recruitment from Business Analysts up to Principals. Whatever your needs, we can match you with a vibrant and dedicated workforce that will propel your business forward.


When assessing the appropriate talent in the legal sphere, our expert consultants seek out candidates with appropriate experience, leadership skills and sound work ethic. Our previous successful hires range from legal support staff, paralegals, specialist lawyers for both in-house and private practice.

Security & Defence

Our experienced team of Security and Defence recruiters have developed a strong reputation as experts in sourcing high ranking military and security professionals from around the world. We work both directly and indirectly with Governments and private security organizations in the GCC, and have successfully placed exceptional talent in contractor as well as permanent roles at all levels from entry to policy making.

We have a successful history of filling roles that require various levels of security clearance, spanning sectors such as Cyber Security, Military and more. Our intimate knowledge of the professional culture of the region enables us to identify skilled experts for highly confidential, sensitive and technical projects and roles.

Sustainability & Renewables

Our experienced and technically astute Sustainability & Renewables consultants bring efficiency and value to our clients’ recruitment activities. Our vast network of candidates in the green sector has helped us build a reputable name in the market. We identify and attract top talent while representing your company and brand with utmost professionalism, transparency and accuracy.

Engineering & Construction

We understand the challenges of on-time recruiting for roles requiring highly technical skills and niche experience. In a fast-paced industry, our specialist Engineering & Construction team have a collective overall experience of 20 years in tracking the best talent available across the Middle East.

Matter Experts

SMEs are experts with a documented history of achievement in their specialized area. The sourcing of an SME to solve a specific, time-limited problem or work on a limited time project is a growing trend.

TRAC works with some of the world's most sought-after specialists and has an excellent record in sourcing and placing SMEs across sectors (Security, Management Consulting, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Information Technology and Digital Transformation).

It’s easy to see why. SMEs have the in-depth knowledge not only to understand your challenges, but to tackle and solve them. They bring best practices and practical insights to help enhance your business, and they deliver project tasks faster and more accurately. Best of all, SMEs become part of your team when you need them, and only while you need them, so overall costs are reduced.


TRAC works with some of the world's most sought-after specialists and has an excellent record in sourcing and placing SMEs across sectors (Security, Management Consulting, Education, Healthcare, Transportation, Information Technology and Digital Transformation).

• Intermediate to upper management search

• Executive, senior management and C-suite search

• Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), contract and interim placements

• Salary surveys

• Developing talent pipelines

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