Advantageous features

These are the qualities that hallmark our work:


We understand and respect your sensitive and private information. Whether it's safeguarding the details of your internal processes or circulating a candidate's CV, you can rest assured that the team at TRAC will not share any information without your consent.


We believe in treating people with integrity and honesty. We will not work with clients who do not deliver on their promises and we will never present candidates just to fill a void. We strive to ensure that our placements result in positive change for both clients and candidates.


There are no surprises when working with our team. We will clearly communicate our process so you will know exactly what to expect, right from the start.


We have a proven record of delivering on our promises to both clients and candidates. We will always put your interests first.

Solid network of contacts

Our consultants have excellent contacts in the Middle East and Africa, extending your reach to candidates difficult or impossible to source on your own.

Our Guarantee

To be flexible, to be honest, to put your interests first, to understand your needs, to work as your partner, to find the right fit for the role and for your team, and to make a significant positive impact on your business.

What our clients and candidates say

"TRAC is a highly professional firm. They provided customized service adapted to my needs. They are very open to feedback, which leads to continual improvement."

Andrea Blaylock


"I was very impressed with their integrity and professional approach. They were prompt, courteous and professional, head and shoulders above their peers. I would recommend them to any employer looking to fill a senior role."

Graeme Gault


"They showed concern and were genuine and very professional. They followed up, answered all my inquiries, kept me updated."

Fares Dahabreh